Colour Queens

COLOUR QUEENS - Stilt walkers with a great wide-ranging effect - The Colour Queens are our latest stilt figures. The ensemble...

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NEON - Stilt walkers neon-glowing - The NEON Act are our latest stilt figures. The ensemble consists of...

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MIRROR ALIENS (Stilt Walkers) The Mirror Aliens are a sci-fi inspired walk act on stilts, an alien...

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BLAUE KÖNIGIN (Diva im Reifrock) DIE BLAUE KÖNIGIN besticht durch ihre majestätische Erscheinung und ihre…

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GELBE KÖNIGIN (Diva im Reifrock) Die GELBE KÖNIGIN besticht durch ihre majestätische Erscheinung und ihre…

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VIOLETTE KÖNIGIN (Diva im Reifrock) Die VIOLETTE KÖNIGIN besticht durch ihre majestätische Erscheinung und ihre…

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PINKE KÖNIGIN (Diva im Reifrock) Die PINKE KÖNIGIN besticht durch ihre majestätische Erscheinung und ihre…

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GRÜNE KÖNIGIN (Diva im Reifrock) Die GRÜNE KÖNIGIN besticht durch ihre majestätische Erscheinung und ihre…

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Flores Dulces by www.dulce-compania.com


FLORES DULCES – Farbenfroher Segway-Act – Die Flores Dulces sind unsere neuesten Segwayfiguren. Das Ensemble…

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SONNE - Stelzenläufer buchen - Copyright by www.dulce-compania.com


Stilt walker with wow factor - The Sun is one of the most versatile and sought-after stilt...

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NATUR - Stelzenläufer buchen - Copyright by www.dulce-compania.com


Floral stilt walker - The latest addition to the characteristic "Dulce Queens".

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Stilt walker on the theme of the elements - The AGUA costume is part of the costume inspired by the natural elements.

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THE RED QUEEN, also known as the QUEEN OF HEARTS in the signature “Dulce Queens” series, is a an instant eyecatcher.

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WEISSE KÖNIGIN - Stelzenläufer buchen - Copyright by www.dulce-compania.com


WHITE QUEEN (stilt walker of the ensemble Colour Queens) The WHITE QUEEN is the cool and calm sister...

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BAROCKDAMEN - Stelzenläufer buchen - Copyright by www.dulce-compania.com


BAROQUE LADIES (baroque stilt walkers) The baroque ladies (stilt walkers - costumes) are true to original costumes with immediately recognisable, exaggerated...

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RAINBOW BALLET Glamorous Stilt Walk Act The Rainbow Ballet was created in 2016 as an open-air production, specifically...

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CIRCUS PARADE Fabulous vintage circus world Our circus parade is an eye-catcher at every parade. It is suitable for every...

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Colourful walk-act ensemble with high cuteness factor It is with great pleasure that we present our Royal Poodle Ensemble. It consists...

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Walnuss & Eichhörnchen Walking Act EICHHÖRNCHEN & WALNUSS – Ein märchenhafter Walk Act! In dieser…

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Sweet Christmas Surprise - Vintage Circus Adorable circus or Christmas walk act with glowing candy cane stilts.With...

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LITTLE BLUE PEPPERS Süße Weihnachtsüberraschung – Vintage Circus Bezaubernder Zirkus- oder Weihnachts-Walk Act.Mit der ihnen…

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POPCORN ZIRKUS (Walking Act) Der Popcorn-Zirkus ist ein Walk-Act, der von der Ästhetik des alten…

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FAUN & RIKSCHA Magical Fabulous Worlds Our FAUN will whisk you away to Wonderland. Whether young or old...

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GOLDEN ANGEL Glamorous Stilt Walk Act Impressive, graceful and glamorous stilt walk act for special occasions, such as...

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Fabulous vintage circus world Our Kapellmeister is an eye-catcher at any event. He is perfect for any...

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Diamanten - Stelzenläufer buchen - Walk Acts buchen - Copyright by www.dulce-compania.com


DIAMONDS (LED - Walk Acts) Our top-class diamond trio consists of 2 floor acts and a high stilt walk act....

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Kopflose Herren - Walk Act buchen - Copyright by www.dulce-compania.com


HEADLESS MEN – A surprising, funny and unbelievably absurd walk act for street theatre festivals, company parties, opening ceremonies,...

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Kopflose Damen - Walk Act buchen - Copyright by www.dulce-compania.com


HEADLESS LADIES (Walk Act) Comical personalities performing absurd acts that make the audience laugh....

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Glowing Princesses - Segway-Act - Copyright by www.dulce-compania.com


FLOATING FLOWERS (LED Segway Act) Our new walk act trio Floating Flowers enchants with its charm. With...

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GLOWING ANGELS - Stelzenläufer buchen - Copyright by www.dulce-compania.com


GLOWING ANGELS (stilt walkers) Our Glowing Angels are a sensational 4 metres high, 1 metre...

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Dark Walk Act Anyone who meets our BLACK ANGEL is frozen with awe. His majesty...

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Christmas Walk Act - Our illuminated WHITE ANGELS enchant their viewers not only at Christmas time....

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Vintage Circus COLUMBINA captivates with her coquettish manner. She creates a great atmosphere for...

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PUDEL LULU Heartbreaker Unser Pudel LULU lässt insbesondere die Herzen der Zuschauer höher schlagen. Auf…

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AQUARIUS Maritimer Walk Act AQUARIUS ist die ideale Ergänzung für unser Galakostüm AGUA: Das Regenbogen…

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Halloween – Schaurig / Absurd – Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Übersicht beliebter Halloween-Walk…

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WEIHNACHTEN – Bezaubernd schön – Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Übersicht beliebter Weihnachts-Walk Acts….

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Stilt walkers

What is a stilt walker?
Stilt walking is very popular with young and old all over the world. Playfully, walking around on extended leg constructions is understood as stilt walking. Stilt walkers reach a height of several metres. Our stilt walkers walk on stilts with a height of 1.20 metres and thus reach a height of approx. 3-4 metres, depending on the stilt costume. You will find stilt walkers at parties, festive events and at large and small festivals. There, stilt walkers in great costumes often attract a lot of attention. The costumes of the stilt walkers are often themed, for example related to the seasons or Christmas.

Booking stilt walkers for events of all kinds
Would you like to create a visual highlight at your event and are looking for the ideal eye-catcher? Then you have come to the right place. When you book our stilt walkers, we guarantee great attention. We have a large pool of professional stilt walkers with a special quality of movement, as well as a very large repertoire of extremely high-quality and unusual costumes for our stilt walkers and walking acts.

You can book our stilt walkers for a variety of events. These include small events such as receptions or parties to large events such as festivals with several thousand people. You can book stilt walkers for performances outside Berlin from 2 stilt walkers up to large formations and parades with up to 30 actors. You can also book our stilt walkers for commercials and video productions. For example, the stilt walkers of the Dulce Compania could be seen in commercials for Jägermeister and Sparkasse. Our stilt theatre is constantly on the road and has been a guest at many national and international festivals, which we will discuss below. In 2008 and 2010 we took part with our stilt walkers in one of the largest Carnivals of Cultures in Europe at the time in Berlin (approx. 1 million visitors), taking 1st and 2nd place respectively as the overall formation. Karneval der Kulturen in Europa in Berlin (ca. 1 Mio. Besucher) teilgenommen und dabei jeweils den 1. und 2. Platz als Gesamtformation teilgenommen.

Booking stilt walkers - your advantages
When you book one or more stilt walkers with us for your event, you can be sure that your event will leave a lasting impression. We have a first-class repertoire of extraordinary and absolutely high-quality costumes that are quite unique in this form. Our stilt walkers will make your event stand out from the rest. In some cases, our stilt walkers and walking acts have additional skills such as juggling or lighting and music, which means that they cover a large part of the entertainment. The range of stilt walkers in Germany is certainly not small, but it is all the more difficult to find the right act for your event. Not every act fits every event. Therefore, rely on our experience of almost 20 years and benefit from our extensive portfolio of special stilt walkers and walk acts. You want to book a stilt walker today? No problem! Contact us by email at booking@dulce-compania.com or call us on +49176 76782760 and benefit from professional advice and direct contact. Your event is in good hands with us! booking@dulce-compania.com oder rufen Sie uns an unter 0176 76782760 und profitieren Sie von professioneller Beratung und einem direkten Kontakt. Ihre Veranstaltung ist bei uns in guten Händen!

Booking stilt walkers - Shopping centre
We have a wide range of themed costumes and can book stilt walkers to suit your event. Click here (https://www.dulce-compania.com/stelzenlaeufer-walk-acts/) and get an overview of the variety of our theme-specific stilt walkers and walking acts.

Book a stilt walker

Stilt walker fee / Stilt walker costs / Rent a stilt walker
If you want to hire stilt walkers, the first question is often "How much is the stilt walker fee?" or "How much do the stilt walkers cost?"
This depends on different parameters: How many stilt walkers or walking acts do you want to book and for how many days of use? Where will the event take place? Etc.

If you want to hire stilt walkers or book stilt walkers, please contact us.
We will make you an offer and quote you the fee for stilt walkers or stilt walkers.

Stilt walkers Corona
The topic of Corona has kept us eminently busy over the past 1.5 years and has resulted in a partial occupational ban. We have reacted to this and designed our costumes and props to be corona-compliant. Our stilt walkers are already corona-conform per se due to their height of 3-4 metres and their sometimes very expansive dresses. In addition, we have equipped the stilt walkers and walking acts with masks to ensure the greatest possible safety for the audience and customers and to comply with the corresponding Corona regulations. So you can book stilt walkers who are not only safe, but real eye-catchers to boot.

Our costumes for stilt walkers and walking acts
We have an incredibly large repertoire of stilt costumes for a wide variety of themes. Our spectrum covers the complete range of themes. You can book stilt walkers for festive receptions and gala events. The corresponding costumes are all handmade, sometimes over months, using very precious materials. But you will also find a variety of costumes for parties and street theatre festivals.

Over the years, real favourites have emerged for our customers. These include in particular the Regenbogen Ballett – eine Hommage an das Triadische Ballett des Bauhauses der zwanziger Jahre. Die in 2016 entstandene Open Air Produktion ist unser Zeichen für Vielfalt und Toleranz und basiert auf der korrespondierenden Beziehung zwischen Figur und Raum. Grundlegend ist die dreifache Ordnung, die sich widerspiegelt in der Anzahl der Darsteller – 3 Stelzenläufer und 3 Akteure auf Freehand-Segways.
Das Regenbogen Ballett ist eine Mischung aus elbendender Installation und konzeptioneller Performance. Pure Lebensfreude und Positivität!

Manufacturing of costumes and props for our stilt walkers and walking acts
The production of costumes and props for our stilt walkers and walking acts takes place in our own workshops and partly also in workshops of our partners. Over the years, a professional network of partners has developed that creates the fascinating worlds for our stilt walkers and walking acts with and for us.

Booking stilt walkers - international
Dulce Compania stands for openness and tolerance and is as diverse and international as its team. The actors and stilt walkers come from all over the world: Germany, Chile, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, USA, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, Croatia, etc....
Our stilt walkers and walking acts perform internationally. In different formations with up to 25 people, we have been in action for major events such as the National Assembly in Chile, the Bahrain International Circuit, but also at festivals around the globe such as China, Russia, Thailand, Romania, England, the Netherlands and many more.

Booking stilt walkers - national
The majority of our performances are national. As a rule, customers want to book stilt walkers for specific themes, for example under the following premises:
Booking stilt walkers New Year's Eve
Stilt-walker booking Valentine's Day
Stilt-walker booking Easter
Stilt-walker booking spring
Stilt walker booking summer
Stilt walker booking Halloween
Stilt walker booking Christmas

Stilt walker booking festival
Stilt walker booking corporate event
Stilt walker booking company event
Stilt walker booking city festival
Stelzenläufer buchen Verkaufsoffener Sonntag

Stilt walking / stilt walkers - A historical overview
The activity of stilt walking dates back to the Middle Ages. In Europe, it has always been used for popular amusement at markets and festivals à la couleur. In addition to being used to entertain people, stilt walkers also had an importance in terms of accomplishing work at lofty heights or overcoming swampy terrain. As stilt walkers, they could guard cattle, cross canals or, as in England, attach hops to wire frames. The stilts were up to 4 metres high. In other countries, stilt walkers were in demand for fruit harvesting, window cleaning, roofing work or ceiling painting. In some West African countries, stilt walkers also had ritual significance.

Even today, the ability to walk on stilts is used for handicraft work, for example painting. This work is done on so-called painter's stilts. However, these painter's stilts are not used by professional stilt walkers. Dulce Compania works with so-called point stilts with a height of 1.20 metres. Other stilt theatres, however, often work with stilts with a height of 80 centimetres.

A brief overview of types of stilts
Basically, a distinction is made between 2 types of stilts: stilts to hold on to and stilts to strap on to.

Stilts to hold on to
These are the popular children's stilts where the feet are placed on steps at a low height so that they can jump off quickly if they trip.

Stilt to strap on
There are 2 different types of stilts - point stilts and painter's stilts.
With point stilts, the stilt walker stands on a foot plate at the desired height. The stilt walker's shoes are fixed to the plate. From the foot plate, a shaft rises up to the calf. The stilt walkers' calves are fixed to this shaft. The term "point stilt" means that the stilt walker only stands on a single shaft, i.e. steps on a point.
In the case of painter's stilts, the stilt walker stands on a foot plate similar to the point stilts and the calf is fixed to the stilts. However, in this case the stilt walker stands on two shafts and with an additional foot plate on an extended foot. This results in a stable stance that allows work to be carried out at height. However, acrobatic movements or an elegant gait like on point stilts is not possible for stilt walkers here.