(Stilt walkers)

The Mirror Aliens are a Sci-Fi inspired walk-act on stilts, an extra-terrestrial experience that gives the audience a feeling of being on a movie set. The costumes are one of the most complex in our collection and embody the genius of our in-house designer. Every piece and layer were created with precision and craft, making it possible to mold a rigid material into a flexible costume that allows graceful movement. On a sunny day at an outdoor venue, the reflecting costumes appear in their full glory and amaze with an outer-worldly look. The combination of the reflection of the environment, as well as the light, give the Aliens an instant appeal and wow-effect. The 3-meter-high giants evoke curiosity and glue the audience’s focus. They can be booked with or without our mobile UFO vehicle that is controlled by a performer inside. The UFO vehicle requires a consistent and barrier free ground at the venue for a walk-about concept. It can also be a static element for taking pictures and enhancing the setting.

We recommend them as a dynamic act as well as a standalone performance to create an ambience for events such as:

  • - Gala events
  • - Receptions
  • Festivals
  • Motorsportveranstaltungen (bspw. FormulaE Event in Berlin)
  • - Fashion shows
  • - Sci-Fi shows and events
  • - Opening shows
  • - Commercial shoots

The costumes are complex and require a longer preparation time. Therefore, we recommend booking them as two 45-minute sets.
The Mirror Aliens are available for booking in Germany and internationally.