- Stilt walkers with a great long-distance effect -

The Colour Queens are our newest stilt figures. The ensemble consists of seven 3m high stilt walkers with sweeping hoop skirts. With their stunning costumes in bright colours, they are an absolute highlight at any event.
These colourful stilt walkers can be booked as stand-alone figures or in combination, for e.g.:  

- Gala events 
• Red Carpet 
• Charity events
• Corporate events 

and as a dynamic figure for: 

• Parades 
• Music festivals
• street theatre festivals
• Walk Acts for large-scale events 

For an optimal experience, we recommend that when booking the stilt walkers, you take into account, if possible, to provide a sufficiently large and safe area for the performance. The stilt walkers can be booked as a single figure or in combination with other stilt walker costumes. We recommend the following: 
Glowing Angels Sun
Glowing Angels NATURE
Glowing Angels WATER

The Walk Acts Colour Queens are available for events throughout Germany as well as for international events. These suggestions are based on experience gained at numerous events. Nevertheless, we offer individually tailored, unique event experiences. The recommended time frame for the Walk Acts Colour Queens is 1 hour and 30 minutes, which can be performed either as one complete set, two 45-minute sets or three 30-minute sets. To prepare, performers need at least 2 hours before the start of the event and a way to get on the stilts (e.g. sturdy table on which a chair can be placed).