(baroque stilt walkers)

The Baroque Ladies as stilt walkers are original period costumes with an instantly recognizable exaggerated features typical of the Baroque era. The Ladies heads are crowned with oversized wigs and accompanied with the period-inspired make up. They have been a huge success over the years in Germany specifically, because of the popularity of baroque-themed events organised in numerous castles around the country. The duo is ideal for venues like museums, historical city centres and elegant gala events.  

They come in two colour variations – creamy yellow and creamy blue and can be booked individually or together. For an extra "royal courtyard" feel, book them together with our puddle LULU.  

It works well as a stand-alone image to create an impactful background for entry situations such as:

- Gala events 
• Red Carpet 
• Charity events
• Corporate events 

and as a dynamic figure for: 

• Parades 
• Music festivals
• street theatre festivals
• Walk Acts for large-scale events 

The stilt walker Baroque Ladies can be booked as individual figures or in combination with other costumes. We would recommend the following:

• The Dulce Queens: The Sun – The Nature – Agua – Queens of Colour
• Glowing Pumpulas
• Poodle Lulu
• Royal Poodles

These are our suggestions based on concepts successfully presented with these stilt walkers on numerous events. Nevertheless, we offer individually tailored, and unique event experiences. It´s available for booking at nation-wide events in Germany as well as international events. The recommended time frame for the Baroque Ladies as a walking act is 1 hour and 30 minutes that can be played either as one full set, two 45-minute sets or three 30-minute sets. For preparation, the performers are required a minimum of 2 hours' time prior to the event’s beginning, and an elevated surface where the stilts can be put on.