(Walking Act)

The Popcorn Circus is a walk-act inspired by vintage circus aesthetics and equipped with an original old-school popcorn machine.
The jolly circus ringmaster pushes it around and gives away packages of high-quality popcorn, and all the while interacting with the audience in his entertaining character.

This walkabout act works very well for following event types:

  • Promotional events
  • Children’s festivals and events
  • As a supporting entertainment program
  • Thematic gala events
  • Festivals
  • Reception situations
  • Christmas markets

    It can be booked as an individual act or as a part of a larger Circus concept including figures such as:
  • The Pepper Family
  • The Red/White Queen
  • Columbina
  • Glowing Pumpulas

    The popcorn machine is only transportable by a van, please take this in consideration before booking.